Jacqueline & John • Anthony Wayne House Wedding

I’ll come right out and say it: every wedding needs a big floofy puppy. Maybe I should rephrase that: I need big, floofy puppies at my weddings. And Jacqueline & John delivered. Sure, their fun friends and supportive families were great, the couple was knock-out gorgeous together, the flowers were stunning, the setting was dreamy, the ceremony was emotional, and the day was perfect, but… that puppy!

I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite detail from the wedding, or choose a favorite moment from their day. The invitation suite was incredible, and the floral installs and bouquets were stunning. The gown was breathtaking, the bridal party was all decked out, the ceremony was dripping in gorgeous greens… popping the “J” champagne for Jacqueline and John while getting ready, the wonderfully pure reaction of these two seeing each other, Jacqueline’s veil being swept up in the wind, her father handing her off at the end of the aisle… You’ll just have to see for yourself – their day was, and these are, beyond lovely!