Samantha & Peter • College of Physicians Wedding

Samantha & Peter’s wedding almost didn’t happen: in the fall before their summer wedding, I got a call from Peter and the news wasn’t good: he was sitting in the hospital with Samantha – she had stage 3 breast cancer. He told me, without a quiver in his voice, that they were moving the wedding back a year, and looked forward to me shooting it. And I had all the more time to prepare myself for the beauty and fun that was to come!

When you’re both doctors, it’s only fitting to have a wedding at Philadelphia’s celebratory home of medicine: The College of Physicians. Samantha stunned in her incredible lace gown, Peter charmed in a beautiful linen suit, and they celebrated with the most loving group of people. From their cardiac-motif medical drawing invitation suite, to the tower of cupcakes they had in lieu of a tradition cake, every detail was stunning – second only to Samantha & Peter’s radiant smiles.