Audrey & Tom • Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston Wedding

There are few places that conjure up more warm and sunny thoughts that Charleston, South Carolina. In fact, Caroline and I almost got married there ourselves! Charleston has become one of our favorite places to visit, with its charm, its pink and blue and green and yellow houses, its delicious southern cooking (Jestine’s Kitchen or 167 Raw, anyone??), its cobblestone streets, its museums (more on that in a bit), its waterfront, its palmettos, and its seemingly-universal cheery people.

When Audrey & Tom told me they had chosen a Gibbes Museum of Art wedding for their special day, I was ecstatic to return to a place I adore so much. I hopped on down to South Carolina, had some delicious scallops, met up with some friends (hey Kati!), strolled around downtown, visited the open air markets, and headed over to the Francis Marion, polished up Tom’s shoes for him, and kicked off a warm, wonderful day with these two.

After Audrey stepped into her dress and Tom donned his navy suit, we headed to Audrey’s parents’ home for their first look, at the exact spot that Tom proposed. With an adorable posse of flower girls and ring bearers standing witness, the two embraced as they saw each other decked out for their big day. Their families joined them, and we began walking around the block to the famously cobblestone-lined Chalmers Street for portraits, bridal party, and family.

Being a June wedding in Charleston, this was a TOASTY one – high humidity, high heat. After a bit, we all decided to call it quits on photos and head over to the Gibbes Museum of Art to cool down and grab a snack and drink before the ceremony. Audrey and Tom were greeted by their guests as Audrey glided down the aisle under their Sperry Sailcloth Tent, and the joyous ceremony commenced.

One of the unique features of having a Gibbes Museum of Art wedding is the ability to have your ceremony or cocktail hour within the art museum itself, which is where Audrey and Tom’s guests from all over the country – as close as Charleston to as far as the coasts, joined them. With a few free minutes as guests headed back down to the now-flipped tent for dinner, we went through the art galleries and grabbed a few portraits that can’t be recreated anywhere else!

The couple performed a beautiful choreographed first dance, some raucous and emotional speeches followed, they dined on perhaps the best wedding food I’ve EVER had (complete with roast suckling pig,) and then they partied until the neighbors said ‘ok that’s enough’! Just in time, too, as the skies opened up and the rain set in, just as the party drew to a close.

Audrey and Tom’s Gibbes Museum of Art wedding in Charleston was an absolute dream, with an utterly authentic couple. These two celebrated with their families, loved each other beyond a doubt, and had such fun under the Charleston summer sun!