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You're more than just a pretty photo.

When I started photographing weddings over ten years ago, I was a much different photographer than I am today. I was, in a word, ordinary. And so were my images. Not because they lacked any aesthetic wow-factor, but because I was chasing what everyone else was then, and most still are today: just a pretty photo. But what so many people miss today is what REALLY matters in wedding photography: you.

As I grew as a photographer, I developed deep relationships with my couples, and I understood that to create meaningful images, I needed to focus on the connection my couples had both in front of the camera, and in their every-day lives. Because that's what this is really about: it's showcasing who you are and what makes you special together.


Ireland destination wedding photo under a tree in the Dublin countryside at Luttrellstown Castle. Photo used for Alex Schon Photography philosophy page

The Experience

From the first phone call to hanging your wedding photos on your walls, we work with you to realize your vision for your wedding day by guiding you along the wedding process. We work with planners and designers to help you find the perfect vendors to match our approach and style. We create the perfect timeline that's just right for you. No detail is missed, and I bring my experience to ensure wedding photography is equal parts fun and gorgeous for you.

In the months leading up to your wedding, we'll work together to gather the details and get all your vendors on the same page. As we get closer to the big day, we'll finalize the timeline, go over all the details you'd like me to keep a lookout for, create a family and very important person photo list, and answer any last questions so the wedding day goes smoothly.

We always work with at least two photographers who care just as much about your success and happiness as we do. We strongly believe the second photographer should be more than backup or an ancillary viewpoint, but rather a compliment and balance to our own coverage we shoot as lead.

Above all, we bring an enthusiasm that can't be replicated. This is the heart of what we do, and what allows us to create photos that tug at your heart, and images that stand the test of time as you forever treasure them.

Photo of a wedding couple looking at each other on a couch in a safari-themed wedding

Intention (and a bit of neuroscience)

My favorite course I took in college was Art & Neuroscience. It was a class taught by two professors - a sculptor and a neuroscientist - jointly, examining what in art we find appealing, and more importantly, why we fall in love with the art that we do, studying what moves us, and what keeps us coming back. Because art is more than something pleasing to look at - it engages us.

While shooting, we're always keeping the final image in mind: where can this go in an album, what's going to look fantastic on your walls, and most importantly, what moments will you treasure most? We take deep consideration of composition, light, texture, and color. From flat-lay details to grand portraits and everything in between, the little changes in angle, or how tightly you hold each other while you embrace, can transform a photo from ordinary to one you want printed big in your living room.


The bespoke suit in a sea of rental tuxes

We're not a big studio.
It's about attention to detail, and attention to you.

We care

about what you care about

No matter how pretty a photo is, it's the connection that's most important - the mutual trust we have. That's what allows us to showcase your personalities, which leads to those show-stopping, fall-in-love photographs.